"Do your homework." Mom was right. It pays to do your homework. She just didn’t know how useful it would be when creating dynamic, effective advertising. Bright strategy, bold creative means doing your homework first to nail the right strategic positioning. Then developing creative that makes it sing.

Bright strategy. Done first, done right, a smart strategy serves as the lighthouse for all work. Providing a focus that maximizes every ad dollar spent, no matter what the budget.

Bold creative. You know great advertising when you see it—but how does it get created? By starting with a clear strategic direction. Then use that as a launching pad for ideas incubated with marketing insight, well-honed listening skills, creative experience, and a good dose of original thought.

While the type of client we serve varies, our “bright strategy, bold creative” approach is equally powerful and effective no matter what the business.

But don’t take our word for it. See our online portfolio for a show-and-tell of advertising that gets results.

Heidelberg White, Inc.